Friday, January 28, 2011

Dinner Time!!

On Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday each student condo hosted a home cooked meal for the rest of the class.  Great time to gather and swap stories about our adventures.  Here are some photo highlights.

Yes!!  That is REAL FRESH SNOW from the snow garden behind the condo.
Brian House sure knows how to mix a delicious snow cone!  Yum!!

DJ Bowen and Lauren Lahey ponder their options.
Chris Kovar, cheese slicer extraordinaire, and Hailey Yaffee.

Adrienne, Natalie, Cynthia and Lauren feasting.

DJ, Chris, Brian and Sami humor me with a group photo.
Jay Surface, BBQ chef, takes a break from the Barbie to pose
with Stephanie Milz.'s cold out here!
Okay, Jay.... back to work.  We have a hungry crowd inside.
Hey, Steph, pretend you're helping Jay.
Good Job!!
Maddy and Alison baking cookies behind the remanants of a scrumptious
pan of lasagna made by this suite of Gaels.
A very popular Hailey passes out cookie joy to all as DJ tries to figure
out how the pitcher works.
Eating great food and watching President Obama deliver his
State of the Union address.

These talented SMC scholar chefs bask in the afterglow of creating
and serving a successful meal to grateful classmates and instructor.

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