Monday, January 17, 2011

Take a look inside DJ's Suitcase!

I packed two pairs of trendy shoes, and I'm relying on my basketball shoes [with lots of grip] to get me through the snow. After that, it's basically a few pairs of jeans, a couple beanies, a couple flannels, a couple thermals, two smaller jackets, and my favorite Big Ol' Eskimo jacket. I have some thick socks, that Bank Robber Ski Mask, and a scarf, but I think I need to add some gloves before we head out in 4 days.

Lastly, I made this playlist for those moments to calm down and get some shut-eye. This could be on the plane, on a random couch, at night in bed, or any other time when sleep is much needed [especially after an exciting midnight premiere or something]. So, if anyone wants any of these songs, I can pop them in a zip file and shoot em your way. Hope everyone else's packing goes well!

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