Sunday, January 23, 2011

James Franco!!!

Ahhhhh!!! we saw James Franco yesterday!! We didn't get a picture because we were all so star struck.

So here's the dish.... Ted, Chris, Grace and I (Steph) were standing in Slamdance (which is a festival also in Park City during this time, featuring some of the films not accepted in  Sundance) and no one else was around, then all of a sudden two guys and a lady walk in straight to the elevator. Then we realize it was James Franco!!! He walked right by Ted and he started freaking out, whispered it to me and I hit Grace to turn around. It all happened so fast and we were literally star struck. Then he was gone, up to the third floor to do an interview with CNN. It was so awesome though, he is even better looking in person. Can't wait to see him host the Oscars!!

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