Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pre-Ordering Tickets!

Steph here!
I pre-ordered my tickets yesterday. I got tickets for 10 films, while 5 of the ones I really wanted to see were all wait-listed! So I'm going to try and get tickets from the box office when we get there. I REALLY want to see On The Ledge and My Idiot Brother, but they are wait listed. I'll camp out at the box office over night to get tickets! I did get tickets for Here and The Details, luckily. I'm VERY excited to see! I'll let you all know how they are after I see them :)

Debbie Brubaker came into class yesterday and talked to us about the life of a producer. Her resume was VERY impressive, it filled the front and back! We also watched the trailers for some of the movies she's worked on. She also talked to us about her documentary this year premiering at Sundance. It's called Miss Representation and discusses how women are portrayed by mainstream media. Every screening is already wait listed. Congrats to Debbie!
Here's the link to the movie summary:


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