Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Steph here!! Day 6

I have already seen so many amazing movies here!!! My first film was called The Woman, which I watched Sunday at midnight, as part of the Park City at Midnight section. It was a wild trip of a film! I was so confused the whole time about what was going to happen next. But it was a very exciting journey getting to the end. We met the entire cast after, and even joked around with the main girl after because she was around our age!
Full cast of The Woman

Grace, Steph, Sean Bridgers and Chris

Steph, (Pollyanna McIntosh The Woman), Chris, Grace and Cynthia

Chris and Director Lucky McKee     
Cast of The Woods

 On Monday, I saw The Woods. Which was a really funky satire movie which attacks young, modern globally conscious citizens. 8 young adults go into the woods to "escape" what our world has become; but before leaving preset their DVR's, and pack a U-haul with flat scenes, xboxs, washers/drier and other various appliances. Yeah.... really roughing it, haha!! It was a fun movie with a very unique concept but was sort of slow in the middle. The cast looked like they stepped out of an Urban Outfitters catalog!

Tobey McGuire

The Details
Then on Tuesday, I saw four movies!! Which seems like a lot, but here at Sundance; it's just the way things go! I had my first movie at 9:!5, called the Details, which featured Tobey McGuire and Elizabeth Banks. It was a very off-beat romantic comedy... more on the comedy side. It was amazing, full of laughs, but VERY mainstream. It will definitely be in a theater near you soon enough!! During the Q and A Tobey McGuire showed up! Which was a very nice surprise.
After The Details, I went straight to the Egyptian witch is the theater on main street that is the background :) and saw Attenberg. I appreciated the independent-ness of this movie... but it wasn't really for me. It was definitely very unique... but so far has been my least favorite movie here. After that I had a little break, came back to the condo and took a nap then went to Hell and Back Again!! Which was a documentary about the war from the Marines perspective and the trouble of the transition from war to back home. It was the best thing I think I have ever seen... so beautifully filmed and edited. If I didn't go into it knowing it was a documentary I would have thought it was a regular feature film. It was amazing... look for it come next Oscars haha. The we had a movie at midnight all together called Shut Up! Little Man. Which was another documentary. It was very funny!! So far today I've seen Here and Little Birds. Here stared Ben Foster and had gorgeous cinematography. Little Birds was amazing! The main actress Juno Temple was remarkable in the film. I got a chance to meet her after and she was so cute and sweet! Too bad she's leaving tomorrow or I'd definitely try to hang out with her haha! That's all for today!! Tomorrow I have a 9 am moving so get back to you all with that!!

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